Discover Jockey is an interactive installation that helps visitors navigate the various stages at music festival Lowlands.

This installation was made as part of a group project at the University of Twente together with Suzan Antvelink, Fay Beening, Peter van der Burgt, Niels van Dalen, Tamara Droogsma, Harald Eversman, Puck Kemper, Leyla van Ligtenberg, Daniela van Meggelen, Jasper Peetsma, Jonne Schoneveld and Floor Stolk.
Lowlands is one of the biggest music festivals of the Netherlands. With multiple stages where different kinds of artists perform it can sometimes be hard to know where you want to go. This interactive DJ booth helps you navigate towards a stage that is playing an artist closest to your musical preference. You can select your favorite artist by using the turn table and the pilars that represent the stages have a moving light indicator that tell you how great of a match it is. Slow moving lights indicate a low match and the faster the lights move the better the match.