DOS (Daily Oversensitivity Support) are earbuds designed to help with auditory oversensitivity by using a calibration process to adapt to the needs and preferences of the user.

This product was designed in collaboration with Suzan Antvelink, Fay Beening, Leyla van Ligtenberg and Floor Stolk.

In our current society, a lot of people turn out to be struggling with the excessive amounts of stimuli, even causing them to experience problems during their daily activities. We call this oversensitivity. One of the biggest contributors to oversensitivity are sounds and noises, or auditory stimuli. Specifically this auditory oversensitivity, is the problem that we are trying to solve with our product: an auditory support device, named DOS (Daily Oversensitivity Support).

We created DOS, to help people achieve a state of serenity. DOS exists out of two earbuds and an application. The application contains an AI based calibration process which adapts your personal preferences to your current location. The amount of noise cancelling, filtering and transparency will be customised to fit your exact needs in every situation. After this calibration process, the AI algorithm will learn your preferences and will automatically adapt the settings throughout your day, so you don’t even have to think about it! DOS is suitable to use on a daily basis and creates support for everyone who needs it, from students to employees.
How does it work? DOS makes use of active noise cancelling technique to attenuate the background noise, while making sure that you are still able to hear what you what you want to hear. By tracking your location using GPS, DOS will recognize the different situations in different places and send your personal preferences of noise cancellation, with the bluetooth connection to the earbuds. To make this product happen, we will collaborate with an existing tech company that already develops noise cancelling earbuds. This way, we can use their established assets and reach and focus on the new AI-adaptive noise cancelling technique with the application.

To support a long term use, DOS provides the most comfortable fit. Hereby, DOS makes use of a moldable material to make sure that the earbuds fit seamlessly in your ear. The silicone tips, available in 3 sizes, ensure a perfect seal for the best result of noise cancelling. The design is flat and wireless, such that the earbuds will never be obstruent.

This industry is uprising and becoming more and more appealing among its customers. With active noise cancellation becoming more popular, the trend among customers is changing, this is why the industry where DOS is part of is an emerging industry.


In contrast to existing active noise cancellation earbuds, DOS is adaptive and for daily use. Since the personal earbuds adapt to and attenuate environmental noise in any given location to the users learned preferences.