Vortex Music is an independent organisation and platform for (experimental) electronic music, founded in 2019 by Marise van Noordenne. Vortex Music organised 3 underground and intimate dance events, focussing on deep and bass heavy genres like dnb, dubstep, halftime and jungle. Along with these events, the organisation came out with 3 corresponding merchandise lines, including clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, longsleeves and caps. The items were sold both online and during the events. Photographs taken for these merchandise lines can be found here
The identity of Vortex Music was mainly focussed on a strong online image, such as a website and a good social media presence.  
The website was published at www.vortexmusic.nl. Currently, the website is temporarily taken offline, but below a screen recording of it can be found:

Additionally, social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud were setup and maintained. Across all channels, the same branding, style and tone of voice was used, to ensure a coherent brand image.